Is Sailing the Future?

One of the unexpected upsides of the global Coronavirus pandemics was the drop in air pollution that saw even densely populated areas and cities such as Beijing and Delhi have clean air for the first time in literally hundreds of years.  And people like it.

So it’s no surprise to see some companies going the extra mile to try and keep that air pollution to a minimum.  EcoClipper, a company known for its emission-free shippinghelped provide an overview of the market growth for sailing ship traveling and shipping, proving that is environmentally sustainable.

The report published by EcoClipper also analyses the existing data of the industry and interviews taken with various users and key players in the sailing industry such as owners of ships, companies, and brokers who are likely to reduce their footprints for carbon.

Yacht charter companies that operate in Meditteranean also took part in the survey, which is predicting a large increase in watersports and water travel over the next five years.  Corfu, a large base in the Ionian sea, is just one town trying to make a name for itself as a sustainable yachting area.

Though the report was published by the shipping company during the COVID-19 pandemic situation where the levels of air and water pollution have subsequently reduced unintentionally, it has had a great impact on the whole subject. It has also been seen that people have lowered their habits of consumption. Both the aspects are important for sailing travel and cargo and the positive sides have been mentioned in the report.

Netherlands shipping company EcoClipper has defined sail cargo as the transportation of ethical cargo across the world in the report. The company has emphasized on how maintaining sustainable shipping is important for the environment and how it can encourage supply chains that are specifically based on the community in the report. EcoClipper has defined the term sail travel as commercial transportation for passengers by sailing vessels.

It is important to note that the report has underlined that these industries do not go for competitions with the conventional industries. Rather they offer low or emission through their sailing ships. They are great alternatives to the conventional ones for making a sustainable future.

The founder of EcoClipper, Jorne Langelaan has commented on the report that they have published about the rising awareness of the climate crisis that has ultimately increased the demand for using low or no emission alternatives for traveling and shipping. He said that all at the shipping company are quite excited and happy to share this overview of the market. He also said that emission-free alternatives for shipping and travel will take up the entire market in the near future.

EcoClipper is playing a part of a huge community for sail cargo and this document is very helpful to show how far it has come, where it can go in the future, and the growing interest among consumers and businesses for using it. Jorne said that this is only the tip of how to approach the recovery from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic that has been shocking to the industry. EcoClipper founder also said that it is high time for them to think more about making the future of traveling and shipping sustainable in the future. They believe that low-emission or emission-free sailing ships are cleaner alternatives to conventional industries.